How to profit from a digital marketing conference as a newbie

How to benefit from a digital marketing conference as a newbie. The top eleven ways.

Number one way to benefit from a digital marketing conference as a newbie: check the conference outlineIf you attend a digital marketing conference about dropshipping from Asia and do not plan on using that business model, you are wasting your time and money. As a newbie, you need to balance your time and money between learning what you need and building your online presence.


Number two way to benefit from an online marketing conference as a newbie: make sure you talk to as many attendees as possible. Newbies tend to be blinded and impressed by the speakers when actually they would get so much more value if they talked to the other attendees. By introducing yourself to other attendees, you can see who is at your level or higher and who you have affinities with.

internet marketing conference for newbies

There are two internet marketing conventions that offer pure content

The first one is The Marketing Cruise that has been around for more than fifteen years. This fun cruise convention is the ideal combo of vacation and digital marketing masterminding. (The 2020 cruise is postponed to 2021 because of COVID 19 for now). Click here to reserve your spot on the fun cruise.

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online business seminar for newbie



The other digital marketing conference that is filled with content and not sales pitches is the GrooveCon seminar. The best part is that it is FREE when you sign-up for the platinum version of GrooveDigital, the platform that offers every tool a digital marketing newbie needs such as an email service, webinar service, video service, funnel templates, cloud hosting, etc. Click on the image below to reserve your spot before they change it to a monthly fee.

GrooveFunnel GrooveDigital


Number three way to benefit from a make money online conference: Take as many notes as you can. 

It is a well-known fact that we learn more by writing. To be more proficient, take two sets of notes: one for regular notes and one for the actions to take notes,

Number four way to benefit from a digital marketing conference: take action. 

Knowledge without action is just a waste of time. You need to implement what you have learned during the day to benefit from the knowledge and master how to do the technique. Commit to implementing at least one tactic every night of the seminar.

digital marketing seminar for newbies

Number 5 way to benefit from a make money online seminar for a newbie: Be 100% focused on what is happening.

This means closing your cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc. So often, people attend digital marketing conferences and waste their time checking their emails and social media. Not only are you not getting the most out of your seminar, but you are also being rude to the speaker and the other attendees.

Number 6 way to benefit from your digital marketing seminar as a newbie: limit what you buy.

Some online marketing seminars are offering a lot of tempting products promising easy fortune and glory to the unsuspecting newbie. These products are usually over one thousand dollars. The other factor that you have to take into account is the time this fantastic course offered to you will take you away from what matters most: building your digital business. Do you really need that many coaching calls where the first twenty minutes are ” how is everyone doing?”

Number 7 way to benefit from your online marketing seminar as a newbie: make sure you connect with the attendees that are a good fit for you.

You don,t want to go home all flared-up from the seminar only to realize that you do not even know John’s family name and have no way to connect with him even though you agreed to do a joint venture. Always exchange business cards (with your picture on it so people know at a glance which John you were) or connect through social media.

Digital marketing seminar for newbies

Number 8 way to benefit from an online business marketing seminar for newbies: see if you can start a mastermind group.

It is very easy to set-up a private Facebook group and get going. A mastermind group with like-minded digital marketers can prove of great value and is a powerful motivator to keep accountability.

Number 9 way to benefit from a digital marketing seminar for newbies: do not drink too much alcohol.

In the excitement of the seminar, one might be tempted to consume too much alcohol at the bar with other attendees. Besides suffering from a hangover the next day, you might say or do things that will tarnish your reputation in the small community of digital marketing.

Number 10 way to benefit from a digital business seminar for a newbie: do not badmouth anyone.

The digital marketing community is a rather small one. If you talk down about a marketer it might come back to bite you later. An easy way of giving your opinion about a product or course if another attendee asks you is to say that “it did not work for you”.


Tip#11 to get the most from a digital marketing seminar for a newbie Arrive well-rested.

Most of these digital marketing seminars are packed and the attendees stay up after the conferences to talk about marketing tactics and their online business. It is a good thing to arrive well-rested to get the most out of those seminar days.