How to find a good digital marketing seminar for newbies?

How to find a good digital marketing seminar for newbies? The top 11 questions to ask before signing-up to a digital business seminar.



  1. What are your needs? Only you know what level of digital marketing you are at. If you go to advanced coding for website seminar and you are not familiar with coding, you will have wasted your time and money. You have to choose a level above your current knowledge to get the maximum out of your digital marketing seminar. If you know and understand everything that is being said on stage, you aimed too low.
  2. Who will be the speakers? Are they relevant to your digital marketing business? Are they successful in their online business? You can check their websites and reviews or even put their name in search engines and add scams and see what comes up.
  3. How much does it cost? If you stumble upon an online marketing seminar sign-up but they are asking you all kinds of questions and your email address without ever disclosing their price, you can bet it is going to be too expensive. It also shows you that the people organizing the digital marketing seminar lack transparency.
  4. Where is it taking place? You have to take into account the location as this will incur extra traveling fees. Some seminars travel around and you might have access to the same seminar near you. You also might have the opportunity to visit a place you always wanted to and now can combine your vacation and the digital marketing seminar.
  5. How is the reputation of the people organizing the seminar? If the seminar has been around for years, you know it will be well organized. If it is the first time, it could have hiccups or even be canceled at the last minute for lack of interest.GrooveDigital is an all-in-one platform that offers everything a digital marketer would need like email marketing service, funnel builder, cloud hosting, webinar hosting, a shopping cart, etc When you sign-up for their one-time fee unlimited access to all their services, you get free admission to their seminar called GrooveCon! Click on the image below to lock-in your lifetime access before they put it down.

  6. How big will the digital marketing seminar be? Some people learn more in small workshops others love the energy of huge seminars. Usually, in the sign-up website, you will find the size of the attendance that is planned. If the seminar has been around, you can check the previous year’s pictures and that will give you a good idea of the size of the attendance.
  7. What is your goal to go to this digital marketing seminar? While it is not recommended to attend a seminar with extremely specific goals, knowing what you are looking for and what your needs are will certainly help you get the most out of your seminar.
  8. Do they have a program out?  Your online business model should align with the program. If you attend a seminar dedicated to programming and you have no interest in that topic, you will have wasted your time and money.
  9. Have you set-up a budget for extra spending? Some digital marketing newbies have fallen prey to their innocence and loaded their credit cards for over 30K during one digital marketing seminar falling victim to the closing talents of the speakers. If you set-up a budget before the digital marketing seminar, you will not succumb to the pressure of scarcity tactics or buy loads of products that you do not have the time nor the money. Beware of unscrupulous speakers showing you how to go increase your credit card limit during the break!
  10. What is their refund policy? Most noteworthy digital marketing seminars will offer some kind of refund after the first break. They rarely have to honor it but that shows you that they have confidence that they will deliver quality content.
  11. Are they using any kind of bait method? I have seen a digital marketing seminar advertisement with a huge picture of a celebrity. But when you read the fine prints the said celebrity is not going to attend at all.  This is a red signal for the kind of seminar you will be presented to.
  12. What other question should you be asking yourself before signing-up for a digital marketing seminar?