How to do keywords research

How to do keywords research

Keyword research has changed a lot since the world wide web has been around. There used to be many search engines and most have faded to a point where they are not even important.

One search giant remains Google of course! They even have created the verb in the dictionary to Google. That’s how big they are.

Many digital marketer say that the second big search engine is YouTube but we all know that Youtube is owned by Google since 2006.

Then there are the mysterious Google Algorithms that have exotic names like Penguin and change everything.

I will leave you with a tip on how to do keywords research before updating the square on the board about Keywords: think of what you would write in the search box to find the page you are writing.

how to do keyword research

Most probably that is the reason such page as the ones starting in “how to” are so popular.

Furthermore, as you type, realize that Google is suggesting all kinds of search phrases. Copy-paste that list of search phrases, then reput each phrase in the search box to get more suggestions that you copy again in your list.

When you have put your query in the search box, scroll down on the result page and you will see a result titled “people also searched”. This will offer more Google suggestions.

Last, for now, is pay attention to the result containing a block of questions. That is again the exact phrasing that people put in the search box to get their answers.

See? No fancy, tedious, and costly keyword tool!

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