Keywords research for WordPress blog

Keywords researching for a WordPress site

Keywords are important when writing pages and posts in WordPress. Keywords help the search engines understand what your pages are about. An important factor though is your page relevance to the said keywords. If you are trying to trick the search engines, your website might get penalized.

Keywords stuffing, that is overusing the same keywords over and over will not help your site. The contrary will happen. Google grew wiser than the digital marketers who were doing keywords stuffing and creating content with a robot scrapping the net. Those days are long gone. It is said even that Google had hired thousands of humans to check websites to make sure they are of high quality. One can only wonder how they can even imagine reviewing a minute portion of all the web content being created daily.

If you search the internet about methods for keywords research, you will find as many opinions as there are people. A good rule of thumb is to model what successful digital marketers are doing.

keyword research

The problem is even there, many online marketers are successful with keywords but have a totally different conception of how to research keywords.

even if they do not agree on how keywords research should be done, they all have one thing in common though: They work hard at creating high-quality content, some of them talking about 3000 words posts or pages.   

The top three ways of doing keywords research for blog posts or page creation in WordPress:

  1. Neil Patel is an SEO authority and he is a strong proponent of link building contacting authority websites to ask for links and doing guest blog posts. He is extremely successful at ranking #1 for such terms as “affiliate”. He even has a team of people who does that linking part for him. He then talks about extensive keywords research. The problem with that approach for a beginner in digital marketing is that this approach requires a lot of time and money. As a beginner, your time is better spent on creating content.
  2. Miles Backler has the middle of the road approach and says it takes him hours to do keywords research and he pays keywords tools to help him. He does lists and analyses in-depth Google’s results and backlinks to those results etc. He and his wife are extremely successful in getting a huge amount of traffic to their sites but one can only wonder what part of that traffic is secondary to his very popular YouTube channel and podcast.
  3. The Income School has a short 10 minutes video on YouTube explaining that the only keywords research they do is by using Google’s suggestions as you type in your search query. They are also suggesting to use the “people also searched for…” result from Google. Their blogs have a high growth rate but someone impartial noted that this could in part be secondary tot eh fact that they mention their blog sites on many occasions in their popular YouTube channel. 

    You should choose the one method that makes the most sense to you and stick to it for at least 6 to 12 months. 

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  1. Neil Patel’s way of doing keywords research for your blog posts and pages.
  2. The Income School’s way of doing keyword research for your WordPress blog.
  3. Miles Beckler’s way of researching keywords for your WordPress blog.

Let’s start with Neil Patel’s way of doing keyword research. To begin, please notice that Neil is THE S.E.O. guy. His website has a free tool called Ubersuggest which is pretty cool and you can search any website’s domain authority, the number of backlinks, and keywords ranking.

If you put his site in his tool Ubersuggest, you get that he has 3.5 million organic traffic, ranks for 1,7 million keywords! and over 9 million backlinks and a domain score of 91. You can read his way of doing keywords research by “spying” on his competitors here: http://

There are a few caveats about Neil’s approach that you need to be aware of:

  1. He has a huge team of writers and S.E.O. and staff. He and his team do way more than just keywords research and posting. He has a very popular YouTube channel, podcast and so many other sources of traffic that if you are just starting your blog cannot duplicate.
  2. His keywords approach and backlinking by contacting website owners and asking for links are extremely tedious and if you want to outsource it, it would cost you a lot of money. His techniques are not for beginners as you would devote all your time to finding backlinks and not creating quality content.
  3. His explanations are great but sometimes too technical. If you are a beginner some of his explanations will fly over your head.
  4. You have to admire the fact that he is ranking #1 for such keywords as “affiliate” and “internet marketing” among others.
  5. He is selling his S.E.O. services but at a very high price and his clients are, for the most part, huge companies and not little bloggers.
  6. If you use the free tool only shows a domain authority of 88 (which is still HUGE!), linking root domain of 70.7 thousand and ranking keywords of 560K.