How to make money with affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing

Welcome to the 11th day of the course called, “Affiliate Marketing”. This is one of the 40 powerful courses provided by THE BIG INTERNET MARKETING


Today’s Lesson:

Affiliate Marketing

There are two sides to affiliate marketing:

  1. You can sell other digital marketers’ products as an affiliate for them. They create the product, you sell it, they pay you a commission and they deliver the product and take care of customer service. Your payout is less than if you were selling your own product but you have less work to do. A good affiliate product will provide you with all the promotion material that you need like e-mails and banners. It is highly recommended though that you modify them so that you stand out form all the other affiliates promoting the same product. Furthermore, if you are posting about the product on your blog or email list, you need to use your own voice as your customers are used to you.
  2. The reverse side of affiliate marketing is if you are accepting affiliates to sell your products. You have to set-up commission payments, marketing material for your affiliates and support for anything they need. Most people who offer their products to sell from affiliates are either experienced or have a mentor that can help them set-up their affiliate program as it can get tricky.  GROOVESELL is set-up by marketers who are experienced in affiliate marketing. The way the shopping cart is set-up is easy to offer your products to promote in their marketplace. Click here to open your free shopping cart and store.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Now that you have created an internet marketing website, you need to learn how to make money by generating visitors to your website and by having a way to generate income from those visitors. In the beginning, you may not have products and services to sell for yourself. So, sell other people’s products and services for a commission.


You Can Sell Other People’s Products and Make Money!!


To start, do a Google search for companies or products that you are interested in listing on your website. On their site, you will be able to complete a registration form and the seller will provide you with the banners, text ads, sales letters and any other marketing material that you will need to post onto your own website. After you post their links and materials onto your site, you can begin to receive passive income as visitors click on the provided links.


When you are signing up to become an affiliate, consider:


  • The company’s terms of service to ensure that you understand how you will be paid
  • The company’s reputation and how long that they have been around
  • The quality of their goods and services (You want to be affiliated with great products and services)
  • Whether they will do business with you if you are from a different country (I have experienced this as a Canadian by not being able to join several U.S. affiliate programs)


Another way to find affiliate programs is to work with a consolidated affiliate link site. Several great resources are Commission Junction, Click Bank, Amazon and JV Zoo.

Some People make their Entire Livings Selling Other People’s Stuff. So Can YOU!


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