How to have great success online- Part 2

How to be a great digital marketer- Part 2

6) A successful Internet Marketer is a good listener.
Upon creating a strong marketing plan, a successful marketer will consider the
needs of his potential customers. He will not assume their needs; he will ask the
right questions and sincerely listen. A common mistake that new marketers do is
to provide customers what they think the market needs. One can greatly “bum
out” in a business in providing a product/service that nobody really wants.
Action: Perform objective research on what your target market wants. Are you on
the right track or do you need to change your perspective?
7) A successful Internet Marketer is hard working and efficient.
I am sorry to be the one to bring you the bad news, but building a highly
successful business that pays well requires hard work, at least in the beginning.
The good news is that if you possess the first six qualities of a successful Internet

Marketer, creating your empire will actually be a fun journey! Most very
successful Internet Millionaires keep working although they do not need to, just
because they enjoy working. I know I will…
Action: Ask yourself if you are committed to providing the necessary effort to
create a successful business. Do you tend to procrastinate and create excuses
for not getting the job done? If you honestly feel you sometimes lack the strength
to finish what you start, do not despair, there is help.

How to be a successful digital marketer part 2
8) A successful Internet Marketer is accountable for his results.
As much as Internet Millionaires are responsible for their great success, they also
take blame and then act to combat their failures. When something goes wrong,
they do not blame other people or circumstances for the results. They
immediately sit back, analyze and learn from the situation and change whatever
needs to be changed.
Action: Honestly analyze how you react when faced with a non-optimal result. Do
you blame others? Are you 100% accountable for your results? If not, how can
you manage your business so that your success is the direct result of your
9) A successful Internet Marketer constantly renews his business.
Let’s face it, what was hot yesterday will be commonplace today – and outdated
tomorrow. A successful Internet Marketer keeps current on the latest trends and
adapts to the ever changing marketplace as well as to the needs of their clients.
Action: Do you know what your market needs and wants? Ask yourself if you are
offering a product that is still popular and in demand TODAY?
10) A successful Internet Marketer knows how to leverage the strength of
other successful Internet Marketers.
One cannot do everything alone. Most, if not all, successful Internet Marketers
have learned to use the power of joining forces with others. Furthermore, a
successful Internet Marketer doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel. While creating a
successful Internet empire, the busy marketer leverages and uses what others
have already created to make work easier and more efficient. A successful
Internet Marketer knows and uses the power of joint ventures by partnering with
other great internet marketers.
Action: Are you slaving alone at your computer trying to figure out the system?
What can you do to successfully leverage what other people have created while
doing business on the Web?
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