How to do keywords research for digital marketing

How to do keywords research for digital marketing


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How to do keywords research for digital marketing


Do you know how to maximize keywords on your website? Keyword research and keyword targeting on your web page are essential for search engine rank and increased visitor traffic. You are competing against hundreds of thousands and even millions of other websites for the same traffic.


The way results are shown on the search engines is by the ranking of the site (according to age, quality of content, links, etc) and the relevance of the site to the person’s online search query. When you are competing with other websites, sometimes it is helpful to have a more targeted topic. For example, if you type in ‘hypnosis’ into Google, you will get 16,500,000 results. Good luck competing with that! But, if you type in ‘hypnosis natural childbirth’ into Google, you will get 55,100.

How do you accomplish top search engine rank?

You can use a keyword tool to help you build your website or not!


There are two schools of thoughts on this:

  1. Some digital marketers swear by doing extensive keywords research and testing onsite and links.
  2. Other very successful marketers say they only use Google search and its search suggestion function to target those keywords. They are also using the tool on the first result page called “searches related to keywords” at the bottom of the result page.

It does make sense to give Google what it is suggesting to you that it wants. Also, you can go deeper into getting more keywords suggestions by putting Google’s suggestions in the search bar and make a list of the new keywords suggestions.

Although it is important to get keywords right (and some marketers say you will fail if you do not get this right), it is most probable that if you build your website the right way, keywords will be used in the right amount and synonyms will be used naturally as you add content and build your website.

To start, research keywords that strongly associate with your internet marketing business topic. Go back to your site and review the keywords that you have used in your postings, articles and general web pages. Consider modifying your website content to better match the keyword searches that are used in the top search engines.

There are many courses on keywords but a newbie should not get buried in keywords research and theories and be prevented from creating valuable content.

A faster way to grow your business, is to do a Google keywords research and start using free templates like GROOVEFUNNELS is offering.

using images for digital marketing



Be careful not to go overboard with keywords!


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