How To Attend a Seminar to Make Money Online

How to attend a seminar to make money online

Welcome to the 14th day of the  course called, “Let’s go to a Seminar”. This is one of the 40 powerful courses provided by THE BIG INTERNET MARKETING


Today’s Lesson:

Let’s Go to a Seminar

How to choose the right seminar to make money online


It’s time to reward ourselves: Time to go to an internet marketing seminar. There are multiple benefits to attending an internet marketing seminar, including:


  • You have the opportunity to meet people that have the same interests as you and who speak the same internet marketing business language
  • You will learn new techniques that successful people are using to improve their internet marketing businesses
  • You can connect with people and set up joint business ventures
  • Most seminar can be a tax deduction. Please check with your accountant, lawyer or anyone for that matter.
  • You can compare what you are doing to what other digital marketers are doing
  • You will be immersed in a think tank and will learn at accelerated speed

The main thing though when you attend a seminar is to take action. It is easy to get fired-up when you step out of the seminar but if you do not implement what you have learned, it will all go to waste.

In 2020 and 2021, most digital marketing seminars came to a halt from the world pandemic of COVID-19. Many savvy digital marketers managed to turn around and created very successful virtual seminars. Furthermore, they made more money as they had no overhead expenses like hotel conference rooms fees and meals.

It might have been harder for attendees to focus on the entire seminar as it is easy to get distracted when you are home next to your fridge, spouse, kids and daily life.

That did not prevent Angie Norris to sell over 561 of her program called GROOVESTARS ASCEND where she teaches how to copy the system she used to become an important affiliate for GROOVEFUNNELS and make loads of money doing so.


An Internet Marketing Seminar is a Great Way to Boost your Internet Marketing Business!


As you are selecting one of the many internet marketing seminars to attend, consider:


  1. The price. Beware of FREE seminars that are looking to sell you everything that they have.
  2. The Speakers- are they reputable, trusted and familiar?
  3. The Location
  4. What you are looking for? Is the seminar too advanced or not advanced enough for you?
  5. If the seminar on a topic that relates to you? If you are not into spiritual things and the seminar is mostly how to manifest your business by chanting, you will be very dissapointed

When you attend an internet marketing seminar, here are some tips to ensure that you get the most benefit for your time spent:


    • Come well rested so that you can actively listen to the speakers.
    • Bring a large quantity of business cards to hand out to other attendees.
    • Bring 2 notepads- 1 for note taking and 1 to write your action items on throughout the seminar. This will make it easier to implement those ideas into your internet marketing business when you get back home.
    • Make sure that you network with the other attendees throughout the seminar.


Schedule some time to attend an upcoming internet marketing seminar to start learning tips that you can implement into your internet marketing business.


To your online success,





P.S.  Schedule time to attend an internet marketing seminar so that you can build new business relationships, and so that you can learn the internet marketing techniques that you need to become successful. Enjoy!