How to choose your niche

How to Choose Digital Marketing Your Niche


Determining which market that you want to go into is the most important step that you will take when building a successful internet marketing business.  If you choose incorrectly, you run the risk of losing time and money.

You have to resist the temptation to select a niche that seems to create millionaires if you are not familiar with the topic. Your first niche ideally will be something you know about. This way you will be able to start offering your products or services faster than if you have to take numerous courses to get familiar with your subject.

How to choose your niche


Most Experts Suggest that You Start with a Topic That You are Familiar With. Ask yourself what is the number one thing you love to talk about? If you were at a party and met someone new, what is the topic you easily could talk about? That is your niche!

Do not worry if the topic does not seem elegant. If you are passionate about welding security equipment, than that is your niche and guess what? there are plenty of people who need information on that topic. You can easily sell welding equipment as an affiliate or a welding course. 

As you choose your internet marketing topic, consider the current online competition for the topic. For example, if there are a million websites on your topic, this field may be too competitive to launch a new business within. If you are set on this topic, consider a more targeted approach within that topic i.e. Left handed golfers in Florida instead of just golfers.


If you have a market that you are passionate about and you are willing to build the best authority site on it, then the odds are in your favor that you will succeed!


If you are starting from scratch and are not sure how to select a topic, try one of the following tips:


  • Review magazine stands at your local book store. If there is a magazine on the subject, it is a large enough niche to build a website around.
  • Review the listed stores on Search their most popular products.
  • Subscribe to It is a free service that will name one niche a day for you to consider.
  • Be observant and watch what topics are popular within the news, magazines or online sites and consider them as possibilities for your internet marketing site.


Here is the bad news: If you want to become successful at internet marketing, you will need to put in the work!!


If you are looking to build a multi-million dollar internet marketing enterprise, follow the steps within my program and put in the necessary work.             

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