How to build a profitable email list

How to build a profitable email list

When learning about digital marketing you will hear incessantly “that the money is in the list.” You will be told over and over that you need to build your list.

how to build an email list that converts well

New digital marketers work really hard to build their presence on social media, hoping to build their list and yet it does not work. After being supportive of so many postings by people venting how hard their life is or asking what your favorite fruit is, you do not have a list and wasted so much time.

The very successful digital marketers and often the ones making millions as affiliates do not necessarily have a huge list and do not waste time on social media randomly chitchatting. Their success relies on the quality of their list. Their list is a list of customers, not a list of freebie seekers. They make their money by sending affiliate offers to a list of people who know, like and trusts them and most probably have already bought from them. That is the reason, their have such a high conversion rate.

It is true that most probably you will attract your customers in your funnel by offering a freebie on your opt-in page. But people will stay on your list if you offer them quality content and communicate with them. Do not worry about people opting-out. Many will opt out and that is fine because they were there for your free offer.

Those who stay with you will get to know you and appreciate your information and style and will be more likely to buy from you when the time comes.

So when you hear marketers bragging about their 100 000 people list, understand that this list is not all buyers. It is by far more valuable to have a buyer’s list of 500 than a freebie seekers’ list of 500 000.

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Do not forget to add either a video or a picture of you (even if you are ugly!🤣 as people need to see you to trust you.