The number one mistake to avoid with Facebook ads

The number one mistake to avoid with Facebook ads

The number one mistake digital marketers make with Facebook ads

The number one mistake new digital marketers make with Facebook, YouTube or Google is to waste money without really understanding how to set-up a campaign.

Spending for ads to get traffic can add-up really quickly and you may not make one sale if you do not know what you are doing.

There are lots of courses showing the “tricks” of targeted marketing which is the most important factor. You have to learn how to set-up your campaigns so your ads are only shown to your ideal customer.

You also should start small and not throw hundreds or thousands of dollars at one campaign. If your campaign is not set-up properly and aimed at the right target, your money will disappear like snow on a warm day!

You also have to have a clear plan of why you are setting-up this ad campaign. If you are sending your ideal customer to a poorly designed funnel or offer, you will again have wasted your money.

There are hundreds of courses on creating your Facebook ads, some of lesser quality than others. Pick one, ideally one that shows you a step-by-step process and nothing more. If the course is well designed, you will not need their high ticket upsells.

Once you feel ready and you have your funnel and email sequence in place, start with a small budget and see what happens.

As you get sales, you can then study all the data (cost per customer, cost per click) all shown in your ad campaign and decide if it is worth it to invest more money in that campaign or not.

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