Do you feel like giving up your digital marketing business dream?

How to not give up on your digital marketing dream?

The internet service provider you chose has been down for a month and you are accomplishing nothing.

The websites that you took months to design have vanished overnight.

Your Youtube channel has been terminated (hasta la vista) and your appeal has been rejected.

You were laughed at by your loud-mouth brother-in-law at the family holiday dinner. He kept asking you how many millions you made with your internet business and laughed when you tried to explain that it takes time.

You got a huge 0 like on that post that you thought was brilliant on Facebook.

The guy you paid great money to design your website left with your money and you feel like the biggest fool.


In short, you feel like giving up, right here and right now!


Welcome to the ungrateful world of digital marketing. Click on the image below if you need an all-in-one solution for your digital marketing:

How not to give up your digital marketing dream


It took me three hours to write this f&?%ing post and I am crying my eyes out thanks to T-Mobile who has been down for one month. Yeah, I call their customer services three times and got laughed at.

But, you know what?!?

I will never, ever give up my dream of building a solid digital marketing business to transmit my knowledge and leave a legacy to my children long after I am gone.

One major platform that helped me accomplish my digital marketing dream is GrooveDigital. You can get everything you need to make your dream come true by getting access to their platform now by clicking on the image below.

Do not give up on your digital marketing dream



P.s. if ever you need to cry your eyes out before continuing on your digital marketing journey, please send me an email at [email protected]