The sales letter that brought 21 000$ and was selling NOTHING

Here is the Sales Letter that brought 21 000$ and was selling NOTHING!


From the office of Nathalie Fiset M .D.

Since 2004 I have had the privilege to do seven medical missions in Honduras, Bolivia and Mexico where we offered free medical clinics to the people in need.

I was very surprised to realize that the poorest people were found in Mexico.

There are places in the North of Mexico called “Colonias” where people live with no current water, no electricity and no commodities. Basically they build their shelters with whatever they find: pieces of wood, old abandoned furniture, tires, etc. Most houses do not have a floor and people just walk on dirt.

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A typical shelter in La Gloria


People living in this colony rely only on themselves and a missionary was telling me that they ask that garbage be dumped near their house so they can use the material or clean the plastic objects and resell them for recycling in exchange for a small amount of money.


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A “street” in La Gloria



For a couple of months I had a project in my mind to build something significant alongside my father, a retired energetic electrical foreman. I shared my project with a Franciscan father who has been working in the Colonias for the past years.

As I was explaining my project to Father Wandrille, his face light up!

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It turned out that the Franciscan community is the owner of land in the Colonia La Gloria and is planning to build a church, a school, a community kitchen and a sewing center for the women. The project is at a standstill because they had neither the money nor the manpower to build it!

Father Wandrille then guided me around La Gloria and proudly showed me “The Cathedral” they had built. I must admit in shame that I was struck by incontrollable laughter when I realized that the Cathedral was missing half a roof and the “door” stayed in the father’s hands as he opened it.


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Honestly, this building has not gone through a Hurricane and storm season yet and the odds are good it will not stand long.

Nevertheless, I knew that this land was perfect for the project both my father and I planned. When I do medical missions, I always attend to the needs of the children and it came naturally that we should be the ones building the school. After all, most children born in a Colonia never get to finish their primary school and that perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

We are determined to build this school for the children in La Gloria rapidly as the needs are urgent. I, of course, cannot realize this project alone (me and my big mouth!).
In short, we want to have completed the construction of a solid cement block, full roof, fully equipped school before April 1st 2008 and start welcoming children.

This is where you come in. You can make a big difference for the people living in La Gloria today!

In order for the school to take life, I need to raise 12 000$ in a few short months and I need your help to achieve such a challenge.

A contribution of 50$, 100$, 200$ or more from you is what we need to get the school completed. (If you feel like you want to participate but are short on cash, please feel free to send whatever amount you can.)

The children need us now!

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Don’t worry, I am willing to do my part…and more. Here is my personal engagement to everyone who will jump onboard with us:

  • I give you my personal assurance that everyone donating 20$ or more will get an income tax receipt for charity donation.
  • I will personally match all donations for a total amount of 1000$.
  • I guarantee you that all donations will go DIRECTLY to the building of the school. All the administrative expenses and traveling expenses for the project will come out of my own pocket.
  • I will send a DVD movie of the entire project along with your receipts to all persons donating 30$ and over.
  • In Addition I will personally give a special gift to everyone donating 100$ and more.

Please make your donation check to: Nathalie Fiset as it will be easier to centralize the donations. Checks in Canadians and US funds are accepted.

In the name of the people from La Gloria, my father and me, I want to thank you in advance for your contribution!

Nathalie Fiset, M.D.


I wrote this letter in one hour and collected over 21 000$. We were able to build the school, put a roof and a steeple on the chapel and build 14 roofs on some of the shelters.

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