The biggest regrets in life for digital marketers

The biggest regrets in life for digital marketers

Over 90% of the people who start an online business never make any money and quit. The number one reason for the failure of most digital marketing businesses is that people quit too soon. Most successful online marketers agree that it took them years to become an “overnight success”.

You can compare launching your digital marketing business to maunching a rocket. Although it seems to take off in a fraction of a second, it takes years to build it and make sure that it is solid enough to make its voyage.

The biggest regret most digital marketers have is that they did not persist long enough to see the fruit of their labor.

The second biggest regret that online marketers have is that they waited too long to take action. Many digital marketers suffer from perfection syndrome and never launch their products or online business by fear of being criticized.

The third biggest regret is not to have invested enough in its digital marketing business. The Big Internet Marketing Game is all about finding you lots of free resources but at one point you need to invest some kind of money.

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