Is a digital marketing program a scam?

How to know if a digital marketing program is a scam

Even though you know this already, we have all bought internet marketing products that promised to make a ton of money doing nothing. The rule applies here:

If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true!

scams in digital marketing

Has the product seller made any money online besides the money he is making from selling his course or product showing how to make money online.

Such a course as Commission Hero stands out as it is created and backed by Robby Blanchard who is the number one affiliate for ClickBank!

If you are considering a digital marketing program, make sure it is created and backed-up by a person who is actually making money online doing what he is showing you in the product.

Some sellers are promoting their products about websites and not even using their own website selling products to do so! That is a huge red flag.

If a product is using hyped words like “make insane amount of money, get a ton of free traffic, in 60 seconds, etc” run for the hills. It is a scam. Unfortunately, it is the scam we often want to hear and believe.

If the product salespage does not produce any real testimonial from people making real money from the program, that is another red flag. If the program worked well helping people make money online, you would hear their testimonials.

If the product has no money back guarantee or no customer support, that is a clear sign that they will ignore you once they have your money.

Most scams are for what is called under the radar products which is usually under 100$, although some scammers have no problems charging much more for their very bad products. That way, you kick yourself for giving into a useless product but you do not put up a huge fight to get your money back unfortunately.

Commission Hero stands out as a product that has many successful students and a solid support system. But before you click into any real product, determine is you are motivated to put in the work and effort it will require. Also, make sure your expectations are realistic on how fast and how much money you will make with the program because you are not the only affiliate marketer out there!