How to write content for your digital business

How to create content for your online business

Welcome to the sixth day of the email course called, “Content is King.” This is one of the 40 powerful email courses provided by THE BIG INTERNET MARKETING GAME.COM.


Today’s Lesson:


Content is King


If you have tried to type in your new domain name, you probably got an error message that said, “the page that you are requesting is not available”…blah…blah. You need to build your content so that you can start attracting traffic to your internet marketing website.

how to create content for your digital business

If you have not done so yet, open your free account at GrooveFunnels and start writing your first funnel. It does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be done.


Before you can write your website content, you will need to choose a text editor. You can use a free text editor from or you can pay to use the service from Windows Office. Once you have an active text editor, you can simply start typing.


What Should You Write?


  • Your writing should be content rich and of value to your potential visitors
  • Fill your web content with key words and related key words to your site topic.
  • Consider writing your landing pages, another 3-4 website pages, articles and blog posts to start your site. You will need approximately 5-10 pages of material to launch your internet marketing business.


What Resources Can You Use?


  • Use your search engine to locate research that you can use to build your website content (DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY ANYTHING FROM THE WEB).
  • You can pay a ghost writer to write your content for you., and are all great resources for ghost writers.
  • You can record yourself speaking and then pay someone to transcribe the material into written content.
  • You can use Private Label Rights (PLR). These are written products sold to people with the rights to use them as their own. Be careful, as some people sell their material to numerous customers  and you do not want your material to show up on other people’s sites in the same format as yours.


Remember: You will need  between 5-10 pages of original written content to start your internet marketing business.


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