How to use audio for your digital marketing

How to use audio for your online business

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Today’s Lesson:

Using Audio

how to sue audio for digital marketing

Does your website talk? We have all heard that people interact in different modes such as audio, visual and verbal. In order to appeal to people who interact in an audio mode, you will need to add audio onto your website.  You can have a podcast which will reach people that you would have never reached otherwise.

If you prefer to do YouTube videos, you can use a software to extract the audio and repurpose it as a podcast or you can just play your video and record it!


There are a few things that you should know before adding audio onto your website:


  • You should use short audio segments- <5 minutes is best
  • People would rather hear your voice than an actor. It adds to your credibility.
  • Having audio on your website can add a lot of bandwidth, causing it to go down, so check it often to avoid this problem. To avoid this problem, you can host your long audio files outside of your website either on a podcast hosting or a cloud server or a file service such as Google files.
  • Be careful if you are thinking of adding music. A poor choice of music will irritate people and if the music is too loud, they might just stop listening to your audio altogether.
  • If you are recording outside make sure your microphone is guarded against the wind. The wind creates a very unpleasant noise when not properly controlled.
  • Realize that you do not need fancy equipment to get great recordings. You do not need to spend much money at all to start recording your audio
  • Make sure that you are in a quiet place and will not be disturbed by your kids or pets while recording.


Podcasting has become a great internet marketing tool!


Here are several benefits of adding audio onto your website:


  • You can send audio postcards to members of your lead list instead of traditional newsletters
  • You can create audio podcasts for sale on your website
  • The internet has expanded to portable media devices. Having audio messages allows the listener to hear your text rather than read it. Many people love to listen to podcasts while driving, talking a walk or exercising at the gym.


You can add audio or videos to your funnels to get better conversion at GROOVEFUNNELS.


There are several turn key audio programs to use when adding audio features to your internet marketing website.



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