How to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic

We hear over and over to stay at home but how can you make money at home?

The answer is simple: start your online business. Now is the best time. With the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are buying online and courses have never been so popular.

The best thing about building your online business is that you set it once and then get recurring income for a very long time.

how to make money during the covid-19  pandemic

What you need to make money during the Covid-19 pandemic and after can be summarized in 7 steps:

Step 1. Determine what your niche is. What are you good at? what could you talk about at a party for one hour?

Step 2. Do not worry about building your funnel or website and just sign-up for a FREE account at GrooveFunnels

They have free templates that you just need to edit. If you know how to edit a word document or an e-mail you can design your webpage or funnel today. They even offer free hosting.

Step 3. Create your product or better yet you can promote Groovefunnels as an affiliate and get good commissions

Step 4.You then need to drive traffic to your funnel or webpages. You can start a blog (again using the Groove templates) or use social media

Step 5. Other marketers recommend buying ads but make sure you know what you are doing so you do not waste your hard-earned money.

Step 6. You can offer a free mini-course just to get people to know you and your expertise. You can post your free course on such places as Udemy.

Step 7. Whatever you do, please realize that you will need to put time and effort to get noticed on the very busy web but it is well worth it.

Online shopping has boomed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue for the second wave as vaccination will take time. If ever you wanted to start making money online, now is the best time.