How to get more traffic using Pinterest

Pinterest to get more traffic to your website

Pinterest is different from other social media and you need to understand how it works to get the most out of Pinterest.

You can follow users and they can follow you but it is not really about being friends or followers.

Pinterest is above all an image social media. It is not just images though as you can post videos and graphics are really popular. You need to post eye-catching images though as people are posting on Pinterest constantly. You only get one chance of being seen unless you get repined.

You can use such tools as Edrawsoft to create unique images to post on Pinterest

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You can open a free account easily and then create what is called a “board” to post your own pins and other people’s items that you are repining.

It is recommended that you open separate boards if you have different niches. People interested in your recipes postings will not be interested in your digital marketing posts and vice versa.

You have to set-up your boards with the proper keywords in order to attract the right audience to your board and pins.

How to get traffic using Pinterest

Pinterest gets interesting as it allows you to add text to your image and even a URL.

Your pins can link to funnels that you created using GrooveFunnels for free.

The beauty of Pinterest is that your pins can show-up for a very long time if it is popular.

Pinterest is not the first social media digital marketers think of when needing extra traffic but that actually gives you an advantage.

Pinterest has over 150 million users, almost half are in the USA.

There are over 75 billion pins and counting.

A great amount of Pinterest users buy after seeing products or services on Pinterest.

Pins are easy to create if you use for free. It is a great idea to create many pins at once and upload them to be posted during the week.

Google images results often include Pinterest images.

An ideal image size for Pinterest is 735 by 1102 but you can pin a bigger one

You need to pin other user’s pins on your boards frequently

You can pin a blog post more than once by using a different image or text

Make sure that your pins and the website they are linking to are mobile friendly as most Pinterest users are accessing Pinterest with their mobile device.

Big name brands are using Pinterest so this shows you that it works to get exposure and traffic.

There are over 1.7 billion recipes on Pinterest. If that is your niche, you will get great exposure.

The majority of Pinterest (more than 3 quarters) are women

Millennials are said to use Pinterest as much as Instagram

You can link your Pinterest pins to the websites you build for free on GrooveFunnels