How to get a free shopping cart for your digital business

Get a FREE shopping cart for your digital business

Get a FREE shopping cart for your digital business

Having a shopping cart is a must for anyone starting a digital business. You need to be able to automate the sale of your digital or physical products.

It takes time to set-up your shopping cart and upload all your products and their description and prices but once it is set-up, you can benefit from recurring passive income.

The beauty of having a shopping cart is that you can set-up upsells and get more revenue from your interested customer. Think of upsells as when you are waiting to check out at big box stores and you see all those tempting items at the check-out. These easy to grab, little “I deserve it” impulse items add-up to a lot for the sellers. They can be set-up in your shopping cart as well.

Having your own shopping cart system also allows you to grab your customer’s e-mails and build your list. It is important though to ask for permission to e-mail to your customers or else you can be flagged as spamming and have your email service shut down.

You need to understand that a shopping cart is not a payment processor although some services are offered together. Most payment processors like Paypal will charge you a fee to process your payments which is fair.

If you want to get a free shopping cart, click on the squirrel image above and start selling you online products NOW!