How to choose the right affiliate program to promote to make money online

Making money online as an affiliate for other marketer’s products or programs is simple when you know how to.

There are loads of products and programs that you can promote as an affiliate. Some are great, some will just make the people you are referring lose money and you don’t want that.

You might be tempted to promote a program or mentorship only to realize that the people you referred lost money and stopped trusting you.

You will have to pass on high-end commissions in order to weed-out the right programs for your followers.

promoting good affiliate programs to make money online

Here are the top ten tips not to promote bad affiliate programs:

  1. Ideally promote programs from digital marketers that you know, like and trust.
  2. Avoid promoting fake gurus that are already in legal trouble for lying or on top of pyramid schemes.
  3. Always do a search of the program or its creator and add the words “scam” or “fraud” after them. Skip the fake hook and bait pages that are only using those terms to lure you into their affiliate pages.
  4. Take a break a visit a YouTube channel called Coffeezilla  from a guy who reveals affiliate marketers that are frauds and scams. You don’t need to watch all the videos but just review the names. What you find will shock you.
  5. If there is a webinar for the product or course, watch it. You will get a good feel of what the digital marketer is about.
  6. You can always ask a question to their customer support desk. If you don’t get an answer, avoid promoting such a product.
  7. When you are considering promoting a course or product, look at the feel of their product and website. You can also check if they have not changed the date at the bottom of their sales pages. Anything more than 2 years old in the digital marketing arena is probably outdated and of not much value to your customer.
  8. Look at their marketing material. Any course bragging that you will make thousands of dollars in days is rubbish.
  9. Look at their affiliate program. It is usually a good sign of the quality of the program itself.
  10. Ideally, only promote products that you know will serve well your audience. They will love you for it and trust you more when you promote another product.                                                                                                                               Bonus tip #11. Do not forget that often your audience does not need another course but they need tools and software such as GROOVEFUNNELS a funnel builder that offer a free basic version.