GrooveFunnels review after one year of use

GrooveFunnels after one year of use: is it worth it?

GrooveFunnels, renamed Groove, is a software platform offering pretty much everything a digital marketer would need like a funnel builder, an e-mail marketing service, a chatbot, a webinar hosting, a shopping cart, etc

We have been using GrooveFunnels for over a year and there has been some strong points and some points that show that Groove is still in Beta.

The pros of getting GrooveFunnels for your digital business

  • The price for lifetime access to the entire platform is low compared to the monthly fees of getting a funnel builder, an auto-responder system, etc
  • Their commission program is great and you can set-up products in the GrooveSell area and get affiliates or find products to promote as affiliates.
  • The Groove Facebook group is awesome with many members helping out for free if you are stuck on a problem
  • In the Facebook group some members are offering their turn-key services for ready-made funnels and the pages they are designing are superb!
  • It is easy to design an opt-in page or website page using the ready-made templates in GrooveFunnels like this one here.
  • The platform is expanding and they are adding great functionalities to it.
  • The webpages that you create with Groove are SEO friendly and cloud hosted so they load fast.
  • The CEO of Groove is Mike Filsaime, an experienced digital marketer who made millions online. The platform has this special marketing orientation that you do not find on other platforms.
  • They offer a free basic version if you wan to test the software first or if you only need to design a couple of pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Groove Funnels review after one year

This is an example of the top of a webpage created in less than one hour using GrooveFunnels

The cons of getting GrooveFunnels for your digital business

  • The biggest con for getting GrooveFunnels for your business is that there are lots of bugs as it is still in Beta. If you have already a WordPress site and are not in a hurry, then getting Groove could be a valid option.
  • The Groove team is often running behind in their predicted developments which is not surprising if you consider the vastness of their project.
  • Their tech support is not that great. Luckily the Facebook Groove group answers questions very fast.
  • They are slow at fixing bugs that have been reported for a very long time but you can manage to go around them…but you should not have to go around them.
  • The Groove team pitches products (most high priced) constantly which can keep you out of focus and dry your wallet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    GrooveFunnels is an ambitious platform that will offer most of what a digital marketer needs. It is still in Beta and that is the reason they are offering such a discount as a one-time fee for lifetime access. Only you can decide if you need GrooveFunnels.