Are sales funnels too complicated or expensive?

Are sales funnels too complicated?

Sales funnels seem so complicated with the up sells and down sells and those diagrams that seem to be going in all directions. It fells like a maze for a mouse!

Luckily there are a couple of companies that offer ready-made sales funnels that you can edit if you are not a web designer. Unfortunately, those services were asking for hundreds of dollars per month. Luckily, this is changing and MIke Filsaime the marketer who brought Butterfly Marketing, Paydotcom and Karta to name a few jumped in the game.

He is creating a HUGE MASSIVE AMBITIOUS platform which will include everything and the kitchen sink!

The platform call GrooveKart will include A shopping cart, webpage builder including funnels, a webminar platform, bloggin platform, email service etc etc The guy most be going insane!


Most of the products are in Beta and will be coming but the shopping cart and the page builder are up and running and he is offering them for FREE for lifetime access.

What is even more shocking is that he is offering the entire platform for a one time fee to people who sign-up now as opposed to having to cough-up monthly payment that could go up anytime like other services did.

I jumped on the occasion and I know it is a leap of faith. But, knowing Mike Filsaime, this platform will rock when it is fully functional. I do expect some bumps along the way (like any product development) but in the end not having to pay for email service, webminar, shopping cart and sales funnels will be great.