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Welcome to the first day of the email course called, “Time Management.” This is one of the 40 powerful email courses provided by THE BIG INTERNET MARKETING

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Today’s Lesson:


The Importance of Time Management

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Yes, this is a whole lesson designed to help you manage your time!! This is the first step towards creating a successful internet marketing business.


97% of people who want to start an internet marketing business

fail due to improper time management.


Simple Actions to Save You Time Throughout Your Day:


  • Simplify your email system- schedule time to review your emails in 30 minute or 1 hour increments, spaced apart throughout your day instead of reading them as they arrive. If you manage the times that you are reviewing your emails, you will be able to dedicate more time to managing your internet marketing business.
  • Unsubscribe from most internet newsletters that you receive to avoid being sidetracked while you are working,
  • Practice writing and managing your To Do Lists.


Remember: You NEED to take ACTION to create a

successful internet marketing business!


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P.S. Print THEBIGINTERNETMARKETINGAME board game and post it next to your computer to help you walk through each step of creating a successful internet marketing business.