What is AppSumo?

AppSumo: what is it and do you need it?

AppSumo is a web platform created by Noah Kagan that offers quality software and info products at a huge discount. AppSumo even has a freebie section that offers digital marketers a chance to grab great digital products often from start-up companies.

The flip side of AppSumo is that a digital marketer with an online business can offer its app or digital product on the AppSumo platform for sale or free and get valuable feedback or testimonials or revenue from an interested community.

AppSumo review

Appsumo is a website that sells bundles of high-quality applications, software and hosting; products that entrepreneurs and startup owners need in order to become more productive. The founders of this website have used their own knowledge and skills together with different marketing techniques in order to help other business start-ups to grasp the true value of such resources and create their own mark on the industry or the market.

The Best Deals On Startups’ Products & Services: AppSumo offers the best prices on the products and services startups need most. Offering everything from WordPress themes to marketing automation software, AppSumo makes it easy for you to save money on the business tools and resources you need. By offering such exclusive coupons and deals, AppSumo has helped over 1M+ entrepreneurs save $800M.

Appsumo helps people across the globe to come up with iOS, Android and Windows app ideas to build. As this platform is relatively new, there are not many reviews published so far. We all know that the marks we receive during our first days on a job are important for our entire career, thus this article will provide you with information that is relevant both for you – if you’ve just joined Appsumo, and for your colleagues as well.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your products or services and stand out among your competitors then you have to visit appsumo. You simply enter your campaign of choice, give it a title, add the URL you want to promote and it will begin automatically!

AppSumo strives to help startups and entrepreneurs succeed online. Our tools, offers and courses cater to entrepreneurs who are needing to obtain maximum exposure for their products or services. A lot of the tools we use in running AppSumo would be familiar names to Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace users.

AppSumo makes it easy for entrepreneurs to run an online business. If you’re just getting started building your business, AppSumo can help you launch and grow your business, or if you’re growing your business you can save money by offering our tools to your audience.

Get to the AppSumo website, browse around and check-out the apps they are offering. Also consider if you have an app for sale if you would like to sell it on AppSumo.