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The Next Level



There are countless debates on internet marketing forums on whether a beginner (newbie) should build multiple niche web sites or build and grow one big authority site. My take on this is that you should build a site, give it a fair trial by sending traffic to it and adding fresh quality content and see if it works. I am also an advocate of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Hence, I have built sites for many purposes and here is my experience so far:

1) My best revenue generating sites are by far the ones where I sell my own products such as and among others. After the initial building work, it takes less effort to keep the ball rolling. I get a lot of outside traffic whenever I give a conference or an interview and outside the web should not be neglected.

2) Sites built only for Adsense bring a growing but moderate flow of revenue. I can honestly say that I cannot put my four children through College with just my Adsense revenues.

3) I get a decent income from promoting other people’s products. I only promote products and services I truly believe in or use myself. Furthermore, I have realized that some marketers have a solid affiliate program while others just give you pieces of puzzle that are worthless. Although I was reluctant to promote other people’s products in the beginning, I rapidly realized that I cannot create all the products and that other people have done the hard work and have a more extended experience in the field (I got my first computer in 2003!). These products offered by experienced marketers are the result of numerous series of trial and error and are worth studying.

4) The Internet is changing at a tremendous speed and what works today may be obsolete tomorrow. Although the latest and more efficient traffic strategies are changing rapidly, I still believe you need to know the basics: how to choose a product, how to create an appealing web site, how to get traffic, etc. The most important factor though is one that will not change greatly: “Even though you are dealing with technology, the internet marketing will always be about the end-user, your customer!” Human nature does not change much and the basic needs will always be the same: to feel special and unique. An internet marketer who understands this will go further than the other ones using all the latest gadgets.

5) You always need to visit your sites regularly (or have friends do so). For some reason, a page that worked very well yesterday might be down today and nobody will tell you. You have to stay on top of your game.

6) The Big Internet Marketing Game is a never ending one. If you are like me, truly passionate on creating content and helping people through the Web, you will soon realize that you are drawn to come back over and over. I can tell you that most successful internet marketers will never retire even though they have more money than they can spend simply because they like the game. All right, I admit that a few of the successful internet marketers will never retire because they are greedy and feel like they are leaving money on the table but that’s a minority.

I have encountered very successful internet marketers at seminar and they all had the same explanation for their success. At one point, they took their business to the next level. However they did it, there are two major factors that were present: they had the mindset to succeed no matter what and they had the right guidance. If you have gone through the entire board, there is no doubt in my mind that you have the proper mindset to succeed. The proper tools are also available.

There are numerous courses and e-books on how to succeed in internet marketing, most of them are just a waste of money and time.

I have often heard very successful new internet marketers telling me they got the “big chill” and everything changed when they acquired Corey Rudl’s  Insider Secrets course. Corey was a young very successful internet marketer who died tragically in 2005. He was then making millions of dollars on the internet per year and was generously sharing his success method with other people.

Fortunately, the Insider’s secrets course is still available and has been developed further by Derek Gehl.

Derek is also offering a course based on Corey’s teaching and improved with his own experience.



I want to tell you I did not study neither of the two courses but I am impressed at the number of very successful internet marketers who told me that these were the “Ah! Ah!” factors for their businesses.The Big Internet Marketing Game


1) If you have not done so yet, do a back-up of all your web sites so you don’t lose your hard work.

2) Decide if you need to grow your existing site, drive traffic to it or develop it in a different direction. Ask yourself the valuable questions: what has been working and what has not?

3) Consider acquiring and implementing all of Corey Rudl and Derek Gehl’s Insider secrets course:  

Derek’s bootcamp might be more what you need at this stage in your internet marketing venture:

See you on the next square!


The Big Internet Marketing Game




The Big Internet Marketing Game