How to get the most out of your videos

How to get the most out of your videos

Video marketing is very powerful when done right.  First, you have to decide where you will post your videos. Youtube has tremendous traffic but so much competition. You also have to obey their rules and your account can get shut down without much appeal.

Some people have successfully marketed on Tiktok but it is for a specific crowd.

Your videos should not be too long as most people click away if their attention is not sustained for more than a minute.

You can always post your videos on Youtube as they offer to embed your videos and post them on your website or as webinars even if they are rebroadcast.

To get the most out of your videos though, you need a clear call to action and to grab your interested viewer’s email address and build your list.

hot to get the most from your videos


Such calls to action are available on webinar platforms but they charge a monthly fee which can add-up.


Groovevideos was created by successful marketers. They offer call-to-action buttons that you can put in your video or under it making it easy for your customers to opt-in and get your freebie.

Give GrooveVideo and GrooveFunnels a check and see all the options they have to offer. There are the free basic version and the premium version which also includes a funnel builder, email marketing service, video hosting, a free shopping cart,etc