How to get more leads easily?

Getting leads easily

“Russell Brunson has created a 5-Day Challenge to help you get started on the process of building a profitable business. He’s provided you with all the materials needed to help you succeed. Now it’s time to get to work.”

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“I had the privilege of attending a 5 days training program conducted by Russell Brunson.”

“A five-day challenge is the perfect way to reignite your passion for online marketing. It’s an opportunity to look at your business, your life, and your goals with fresh eyes. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll prepare yourself for a renewed passion to succeed online and generate more leads and sales.”

“Everyone is looking for a quick solution to their problems. If your product or service were a pill that you could take in the morning and feel better in the evening, you’d be the world’s first trillionaire. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple.”

“To help you take your business to the next level, Russell Brunson has created a five-day lead challenge. Each day during the week you’ll learn about a different aspect of entrepreneurship, and you can pick and choose the topics that are most important to you.”

“If you’re struggling to build an online business, or you’re having trouble finding a product idea that’s going to work, market yourself effectively and generate sales, then this challenge is for you. The 5 Day Startup is a complete, step-by-step guide to building a profitable online business in just a few days.”

“5 days challenge is a course designed to help you grow your business. You will learn ways to drive traffic to your website, create killer sales funnels, build your list and make money online.”

“Imagine if you could have the mind of a high performer and accomplish in 1 hour what it takes most people a week to get done… Well, you can, in fact, do just that by using the 5 days challenge. Russell Brunson, marketing expert and founder of ClickFunnels is launching his brand new training challenge that will show you how to shorten your work week AND get more done in 1 hour than most people do in a whole week.”

“What’s holding you back from greatness? Is it your lack of knowledge? You’re not alone. That’s why I’ve created a challenge for you. You’ll get one video lesson per day, Monday through Friday, for 5 days straight. That means if you do it, you’ll get 5 days of quick, tactical knowledge to propel your business forward — whether you have a physical product or a service to sell.”

5 days lead challenge


Here’s exactly what you can expect when you join The 5 days Lead Challenge:
Day 1: Unlimited Leads
-How lead funnels work
-How to structure your lead machine
-Understanding the core foundation
Day 2: Creating Your Lead Magnet
-How to build your “1-Page” Lead Capture
-How to create your Lead Magnet to attract unlimited leads
-Free ‘Lead Magnet’ software
Day 3: Creating Your Lead Squeeze Funnel
-Capturing names, emails, phone numbers
-Attract QUALIFIED prospects
-Build your simple 2-page funnel
Day 4: Creating Your Followup Funnel
-How to engage and keep your leads
-How to write a compelling email sequence
-How to build rapport and a relationship so they BUY
Day 5: Launch Your Lead Funnel
-Go LIVE with your Funnel
-Capture ACTUAL leads for your business
-Start building your list
Get instant free access to the 5 days lead challenge