How to get free traffic with one hour of work

How to get FREE targeted traffic with one hour of work

One of the overlooked ways of getting FREE targeted traffic to your website or funnel is by offering a free mini-course. It does not have to be fancy. You can record from your webcam four 10 to 15 minutes videos of you talking about your subject matter. I like to do the video while using a Powerpoint template and recording my comment getting the best of both worlds.

You can add either the audio of your recordings which is easy to do using Youtube’s free transcript function or PDF either in the form of a checklist, step-by-step or a simple e-book. The beauty of this is that you can put your links to your opt-in or affiliate page in your e-book and checklist.

I did such a course to promote GrooveFunnels that I offered for free on Udemy. After a little over one month, here are the stats:

How to offer a FREE course to get leads

Udemy accepts free courses as long as they have less than 2 hours of video content. If you want to see the course, just go to

So I got 1477 people interested in creating funnels with GROOVEFUNNELS who downloaded my free course with my affiliate link in the PDF and e-book.

There are many other websites that you can post your course for free but by far Udemy has the most traffic.