How to build a free funnel today?

How to build a free funnel today

Funnels are the rage right now as digital marketers want instant gratification and do not want to spend months or years creating websites.

There are many funnel service providers out there some as costly as 297$ per month which is not affordable for a newbie.

A simple solution is to get a free funnel builder (not a fake free trial but a real free funnel builder) and start designing your funnel. An easy way to create your funnel is by following a step-by-step mini-course showing you exactly how to create your first funnel.

The funnel builder is completely free and the hosting is also included. The idea of the funnel provider is that you will like so much their free limited version that you will sign-up for lifetime access at a reduced price. I did!

Click on the image below to start your free funnel builder and follow along the step-by-step course to build your funnel.

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