Rich Dad Poor Dad Summit Review

Rich Dad poor dad book

Have you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad?” It’s a book about finance written by Robert Kiyosaki. This article is about trading which is the financial field that Kiyosaki specialized in. I’ll be drawing on some of his material to show how he applies it to trading and discuss how it applies in the market. I’ll also touch on risk management so traders can make the most informed decisions when they are trading.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summit


Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money–That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! is a 1997 book by American investor, educator, and author Robert T. Kiyosaki. According to the book, Kiyosaki contrasts two conflicting pennies of wisdom on money: one from his educated but fiscally-poor father and one from his rich friend’s financially literate father.

One of the first lessons I learned in business is the importance of financial intelligence. It’s not taught in school, contrary to what Robert Kiyosaki has said about our education system. But it is something that can be learned. I have a degree in finance and economics — and through my formal education, I learned a lot about business and investing. But nothing comes close to my rich dad teaching me how to become financially independent via real estate investing and starting a corporation.

One of the best books on wealth building in this generation, this book is a must read! It shows you how to think of money like an investor and not like someone who earns a paycheck. It shows you how to get rich through smart investing and how to keep your earnings safe from the tax men and women.

Rich Dad poor dad Summit

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How To Become Financially Independent In Your Twenties: The Rich Dad Poor Dad book series has already helped over 18 million people discover the secrets to financial success. Follow the advice in Rich Dad Poor Dad and you will do the same.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is no ordinary personal finance summit. With a combination of straightforward financial education and an action plan to make positive changes, Robert Kiyosaki’s lessons will teach you how to be rich and let your money work for you. Grab your access to The Rich Dad Poor Dad Summit!