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The Internet has been growing faster than any media in the past 10 to 15 years. It has invaded the television and cell phones networks among others. Unless there is a big www crash (and maybe someone is planning it as we are talking!), the Internet is going to be in most households with a decent revenue in a near future.

When you are in front of many people with your websites, it is normal that advertisers are interested in offering a good commission to be able to pass their message to your visitors. After all, if a short commercial advertisement during the Superbowl can cost millions of dollars, advertising on your web site would make sense to most people in business.

In the “good old internet days” (like ten years ago), it made sense to construct a site at the push of a button (often using “black hat” programs and thus scrapping other people’s content), slapping some advertisement and making tons of money form just this. Unfortunately for the gold diggers who were wiser than the search engines, those times did not last long and now you need to have a good quality site to earn money from advertisement.

These has been countless debates on “the death of Adsense advertising” and blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that search engines have grown wiser and reward web sites that offer good quality for their visitors. Does this mean you cannot earn a decent income from advertising on your web site anymore? Certainly not!

In fact, there are numerous ways to make money selling space on your web site to advertisers:

1) You can sell banner ads space.

2) You can, of course, have Adsense ads on your web site. You have to honestly consider the revenue you are making form selling your own products or affiliate products compared to ads before putting ads on your web site as ads can be your own competitor and usually only pay pennies a click. What I find cool about Adsense ads is that they are in the language the site is and they offer products targeted to the geographical area the visitor is from (when possible).

3) There is all the market of lead generation where you capture your visitor’s full name, email, physical address and phone number and then sell it to interested advertisers. You, of course, have to inform your visitors when they sign-up that their info will be sold to a third party. Some people are making a good income doing lead generation but I also know a lot of people who signed-up for such a program and never got much income out of it (including me).

4) There are also contextual advertising. You might have come across those as they are underlined blue clickable keywords in a text (like in a blog) redirecting you to an ad. I personally find these annoying and usually run away from such a page. I have read often on blogs that people who used to make a small fortune with Adsense ads were making a better income with such contextual ads as Kontera.

5) A new form of ads has just emerged and they are short 30 seconds ads that play on the opening of your web site. One of such a service is called Pay Per Play. Time will tell if this is an advertising service that is worth having on your web site. The sign-up is free HERE.

Whatever you choose to advertise on your web site, there are principles that will hold true:

1) You cannot make a penny selling ad space if you do not have traffic. Makes sense.

2) It is long gone the good old days, where you could create a web site at the push of a button, slap ads on it and make a fortune. This also holds true to all these “ready to make a fortune web site” they are selling hundreds if not thousand of copies at once. They are worth nothing as these are all duplicate content and you will be ignored by search engines.

3) You always have to re-consider if having ads on your sites is preventing you from making way more profits selling your own products or affiliate products.

4) The internet marketing business is a fast changing market and you need to keep up to date on all the new trends. This doesn’t mean you need to fall into all the new get rich scams that are out there but you need to keep informed of what works and what doesn’t.

You can visit Joel Comm’s blog to see what advertising looks like (he has banner ads, Kontera and of course Adsense on there, among other stuff).

There is so much more to be said on advertising on your web site but for now,


1) Sign-up for a free Adsense account and consider putting Adsense ads on your web pages where you will not be in direct competition with yourself. Remember the number one internet marketing rule: one action per page. Hence, if you are selling your 20 dollar product on a page, putting ads that will bring you pennies on the same page is not worth while. Like I said before, I have fallen into this trap of wanting to put everything on one page and it is not worth it.

2) Joel Comm was the first to really give out his secrets on how he made money using Google Adsense program. Click here to get access to his e-books and tutorial.

We here recognize good old internet marketing strategies where you buy a 17$ e-book and you get 6972$ of bonuses. Bottom line the book is worth 17$, the rest…well.

Google AdSense Secrets 3.0 ebook 

I honestly can say that I have learned more from the Adsense code than from reading the DaVinci code (maybe because I had already seen the movie called “The last Temptation of Christ”). Anyway, reading the Adsense code really changed the way I displayed my Adsense ads and made a difference in my advertising revenues.

3) Look into all the other advertising programs available out there and decide what is good for you. You might want to consider Kontera contextual advertising.



If you want to go in depth about site advertising and make it your main source of revenue, you might consider Joel’s course.

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